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Way back when I was planning to first come to Japan – we’re talking 1989 for those who need the dirty details – I assumed that there would be a wide selection of Chinese and Korean food available. Like Mexican food in the US, right? I mean, all these countries are right next to each […]

Halloween has really caught on in a big in Japan. It’s a natural fit for a country so in love with cosplay. Sometimes it’s hard to tell when it’s not Halloween here. Thankfully, for the housebound and unadventurous, there are some really creative Halloween cakes. Enough to bring tears of joy…   Photo credit: FabCafe

Biwa tea

  Ate at a restaurant owned by a Taiwanese friend. They started as a tiny shop, gradually took up more space, and are now pretty busy every day and a bit famous. I moved in across the street from them 25 years ago when I was new to Japan, and it’s nice to see they’ve […]

Leaf on rainy day

  Though I have spent most of the last 25 years in Japan, I feel the need to dump my thoughts, ideas, recipes and rants. Some brilliant (I hope) and some stupid (without a doubt, and usually following sake consumption). Food and drink take up a big part of this. Not necessarily Japanese food, but anything […]